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Friday, January 14, 2005


The next morning we ate at the truck stop. I do remember that our waitress was cute in a western Pennsylvania collage dropout working very early at a truck stop sort of way. I think she appreciated me hitting on her compared to the average trucker that was in there on a daily basis. We hit the road. We still had a good 8 hours left on the road. It was kind of a boring drive once we got past Cleveland. I glad I was not driving in that traffic. Ohio was kind of boring to drive through. We stopped for petrol and I made my mom get in the truck and I drove my sisters car. This gave me a chance to talk with my sister. There is really not much more than that. All there is in Ohio past Cleveland is a cornfield. I grew up in a small town, but this is ridicule. We eventfully made it to Indiana but it was no different than Ohio. I have been all over the country and into Central America, but I have never been anywhere, where there was nothing but flatness. It was a bit disconcerting for me. We got to my sister's apartment complex on the outskirts of Muncie at around 6. It took my father and I another 2 hours to unload the truck. We then headed into town for dinner. I wanted to go to Steak N Shake, but we ended up going to Cracker Barrel. I like Cracker Barrel, but there is one in the GBA and I can go anytime. How often am I going to get a chance to go to Steak N Shake? After dinner, I set up my sister new computer that her father-in-law had just gotten her because her laptop finally bit the dust. The next day was Sunday. This was only Sunday I can remember that my parents did not go to Church. Even when we were we kids were young, off somewhere on vacation, my parents would find a Church to attend service. We stayed that day. My sister and mom and I went grocery shopping. They went grocery shopping. I drove around Muncie looking for some non-white people. I found four. We left Monday Morning. I drove my parents car most of the way. I eventually stopped in Jamestown, New York. I was beat and we had just driven into a snowstorm. I know it was a boring story, but I was not holding a gun to your head.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Certain "blogeperites" have been on a cross-country trip from Texas to Florida. It got me thinking about the only time I helped with a big move and plus I need to post something lest the rest of the blogosphere think me dead. My sister Tarah decide to move from Syracuse, New York to Muncie, Indiana. The move was 2 years ago this month. Her Husband had died a little over a year ago at that point and she wanted to leave the flat that she and him had shared, plus at the time she was still working at St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse and Andy had worked there and died there. (If anyone ever needs to get a pacemaker changed I would suggest not using St. Joe's in Syracuse, you are taking your life in your hands. In fact the whole place is dodgy so go to University Hospital.) Anyways, Tarah rented a big Penske truck with a thing to tow my parent’s car since my father and mother was also helper her move and Tarah would be driving her own car. When I got to my sister's flat in the 'Cuse her in-laws where there but it seemed to me nothing was packed. It was of course, but I was led to think that Tarah brother-in-laws and father-in-law would load the truck. It was not, the truck was still be retrieved when I got there. It took us about an hour to get it loaded and Tarah had bought everyone helping take out from Dinosaur Barbecue. It is the best Barbeque in the world. There is one in Rochester and NYC, but the 'Cuse is the original and just going there is an experience. I am getting off track again, but it is good. We finally left at around 6. My dad drove the truck, me in the passenger and Tarah and our Mum followed in Tarah's car. The first 2 and a half ours on the road where fine. The truck was only a few years old and ran really good. About 45 minutes from PA we stopped for Petrol. It was here that we found out the last person that used the truck had stripped the gas cover and we could not get the cap to come off to fill the truck up. At this time we are in Western New York in January at about 9:00 at night. My father and I are trying to get this cap off and I am wondering, “Do I love my sister this much?” It took about a half an hour to get gas cap off and I only lost 2 fingers to frostbite. That’s a joke. I lost three. My dad gets worked up about these sorts of things, so I felt safer driving. In the Army I drove 5 tons and deuce and half’s, but this was a little bigger. I drove the next few hours and we stopped outside Erie, Pa and spent the night in a motel.

To be continued…

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