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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I survived the 'BLIZZARD OF 05'. We got over a foot of snow. We got another inch yesterday and we are supposed to get another 2-6" today. I like the snow. It might actually get into the 20's today as well for the first time in two weeks. I have made my Superbowl plans this year. The last few Superbowls have been kind of lame for me. Last year I went to my parents Superbowl party and that was a good time, but they had a lot of people there and the next youngest person there was 20 years older than myself. My parents are doing it again this year, but are trying to have less people. The prior year I went to my friend Mazz's house and that was really lame. The year before that I tried to organize a party at my apartment, but since all my friends could not stand my housemate, Stacey, nobody showed up. That was fine actually because I went to bed at halftime. The year before that I watched it with the girl that was dating me at the time, but then my x-girlfriend called and I made an excuse and about having to leave and went over to my x-girlfriends and finished watching the game. (She was dating me, I was not dating her.) The prior year the Giants were in the Superbowl. The more significant part of that day was the fact that my roommate Rachael and I had been feuding. Her perspective was that she lived with 3 guys and always had their friend over at our apartment and she should get a little leeway on certain things. Brew don't get down like that. I grew up with 2 sisters very close to my age and it was Rachael choice to live with us. None of us make her take a semester off and be stuck in the GBA as a Super Senior at BU. I can't even remember what the disagreement started over. That afternoon everyone left and make us sit down and talk and we called a truce. Six months later she finally graduated, moved back to Queens and I have never heard from her again and that is fine with me. It may be shallow to still dislike a person after so many years and not even remember why, but I did have a good reason at the time and that is all that matters.