offical Blog of the Liger

Friday, January 14, 2005


The next morning we ate at the truck stop. I do remember that our waitress was cute in a western Pennsylvania collage dropout working very early at a truck stop sort of way. I think she appreciated me hitting on her compared to the average trucker that was in there on a daily basis. We hit the road. We still had a good 8 hours left on the road. It was kind of a boring drive once we got past Cleveland. I glad I was not driving in that traffic. Ohio was kind of boring to drive through. We stopped for petrol and I made my mom get in the truck and I drove my sisters car. This gave me a chance to talk with my sister. There is really not much more than that. All there is in Ohio past Cleveland is a cornfield. I grew up in a small town, but this is ridicule. We eventfully made it to Indiana but it was no different than Ohio. I have been all over the country and into Central America, but I have never been anywhere, where there was nothing but flatness. It was a bit disconcerting for me. We got to my sister's apartment complex on the outskirts of Muncie at around 6. It took my father and I another 2 hours to unload the truck. We then headed into town for dinner. I wanted to go to Steak N Shake, but we ended up going to Cracker Barrel. I like Cracker Barrel, but there is one in the GBA and I can go anytime. How often am I going to get a chance to go to Steak N Shake? After dinner, I set up my sister new computer that her father-in-law had just gotten her because her laptop finally bit the dust. The next day was Sunday. This was only Sunday I can remember that my parents did not go to Church. Even when we were we kids were young, off somewhere on vacation, my parents would find a Church to attend service. We stayed that day. My sister and mom and I went grocery shopping. They went grocery shopping. I drove around Muncie looking for some non-white people. I found four. We left Monday Morning. I drove my parents car most of the way. I eventually stopped in Jamestown, New York. I was beat and we had just driven into a snowstorm. I know it was a boring story, but I was not holding a gun to your head.