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Friday, January 21, 2005


My Grandpa Potter died when I was seven so I don't really have any memories of him. The only memory of him I have is of him sitting in his recliner smoking a cigarette. I believe that he was in his last 70's when he died. Ten years ago this past week my Grandpa Brewster died. I was much closer to him as I had spent a few summers when I was younger working on Uncle's dairy farm and I lived with my Grandmother and him right on the homestead. Grandpa's funeral was on a Friday, after the internment that day my parents drove down to Pennsylvania to see my Grandma Potter who lived about an our away from my Paternal grandparents. She had been ill recently and she died later that night. I was never really close to my Grandma Potter. I had actually been closer to her sister, my Great Aunt Wilma who treated me like the grandson she never had. My Aunt Wilma died a few years prior but she only had 2 Granddaughters. She had two sons, but one died in a farming accident when he was a teenager. My Grandma Potter on the other had 11 kids, my own mother being number 8. I don't even know how many cousins I have on that side of the family and the only time I have ever seen my mother's oldest brother was at my Grandmothers Funeral. My Grandma Brewster now is quite senile and does not remember anyone. It is quite sad.