offical Blog of the Liger

Thursday, January 06, 2005


I really have not found anything interesting to blog about, so be prepared to be bored our your mind. It snowed today. I know it is exciting. Actually it snowed last night and this morning was freezing rain. That meant that my truck was covered in a layer of ice this morning. I did not think the roads were bad, but people always forget how to drive when it snows, so there were a few cars of the road. I am not perfect the weather has caused me to loose control of cars before in the past. Two weeks after I got my license I was going home from basketball practice on Veteran's Day and the road slopes downhill and since I had just recently gotten my license, I was driving to fast and did I 540 in the middle of the road and slid up backwards on to a guard rail. You can drive by that same guardrail and see the dent to this day. My parents did not seem to be upset. I was distraught and did not get behind a wheel of a car till that spring. The following year, I was driving home from a basketball game. We had won, but I played bloody awful. I did not handle failure very well and I slid off the road again and into a snow bank. It being a small community, I knew the people who lived right next door to where I had planted my car in a snow bank. It took all 5 minutes to have them pull me out of the snow bank. There was no damage to the car. That was it, 12 years without going off the road because of bad weather. I have only gone off the road one other time since then and it was because that was because of my driving. My friend Tuna was working at this father's fishing camp in the North Country for the summer. I went up to spend the weekend up there. This lake that his father owns and runs a fishing retreat out of is 20 miles from civilization. The road down to the lake from the main road is dirt and only wide enough for one car. Tuna and I were headed into town our "business lunch". Tuna's father owns an accounting firm so everything gets written off as a business expense. Anyway, I was driving my truck way to fast up this road, sliding and fishtailing around the corners. I lost control and drove over a 30 foot embankment. The only thing holding my trunk in place was a small tree. We got out and walked back to get Tuna's Dad's old truck to pull mine off the edge of the embankment. It took me a couple of weeks after that till I went back to my normal driving pattern.