offical Blog of the Liger

Thursday, January 20, 2005


The beginning of March I would have lived in the GBA for 7 years. It is hard to believe that I have been out of the Army that long. Moving here was kind of a whim. The Captain was living down here attending BU and I really had no idea what I was going to do after I got I out. I had managed to get my Associates' while I was in the Army but I was 23 and a little bit older than your average collage student. The Captain was 27 or 28 when I moved it with him. I actually only lived with him for 2 months and his then girlfriend-now wife made it clear she did not like me and he moved in with her when the Semester was over and I got my own place. The strange thing now is that after those first few years my friends where all mates from school. When I graduated most of my friends moved on. That I know of there are only two that still live in the in area and I only see one every few months. The other is a chick and the last time I saw here was over a year ago we ran into each other at a gas station and made that annoying small talk with people that used to be close friends. The strange thing with her is that we might have dated if I was interested in that sore of thing when I was 23. She was probably my first friend in the GBA when I moved here and now I can't remember her name. This kicker is now; I don't even like the friends I have now. I cannot remember the last time I called one of my friends here to hang out. They either call me or just stop by. I think after 7 years I have had enough of the GBA. I am seriously contemplating a move back to Western New York; this really means that I am thinking about moving to Rochester or as I like to call it the 'GRA'. I would only be about an hour from Avoca and my friends that still live in the 'GAA' and I have plenty of friends that live in the GRA already. I think I am going to it after winter is over.