offical Blog of the Liger

Thursday, December 16, 2004


That was when I was really young. When I got into High School I used to have basketball practice before school for an hour and half on non-game days. This meant that I was getting up at five in the morning at least 3 days a week and going to practice for an hour and half before school. I then would have practice after school. I also had a part time job on the weekends that I had to be at 6 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. My point is I never slept in. My brother is ten years younger, so he was still way into the Christmas morning thing. My sisters were as well, but mostly because that is just the way chicks are. I like Christmas morning, too. We had a whole Eve and Christmas morning tradition that we had done since my sisters and I were young. It was always the same and I liked that. In 1998 my sister Aaron graduated from college and took a job running a dog kennel outside of Rochester. That was the kind of job where someone needs to be there 24 hours a day. She could not make one her employees work Christmas so she did and she hired my other sister, Tarah, who was home on break to help her out that day. That year we did all of Christmas on the Eve. Christmas day my father, brother, and mother went up to the farm and did chores for my Uncle and Cousins so they could enjoy Christmas without having to milk the cows and clean the barn. I was bored so I came back to the GBA and went to the movies with a few Jewish friends. It really is lonely for a Jews on Christmas. The next year was same thing but I stayed in Avoca Christmas Day. It was a very relaxing day. The next Christmas, Aaron had finally joined the corporate world and could take Christmas off. The problem was that my other sister Tarah and her husband Andy were both RN and they could get the Eve off, but not Christmas day. At this point I was used to. I have accepted doing Christmas on the Eve. Christmas day everyone spends with their in-laws except my brother and myself because we are not married. Tarah is a widow, but her in-laws still treat her like the other daughter they never had and she goes to Syracuse for Christmas day. I have really enjoyed just relaxing on Christmas day until...This year we are still doing Christmas at my parents house on the Eve, but sista' Aaron has decided to host Christmas dinner at her house in Watkins Glen. This means no relaxie for Brewie on Christmonie. Her and her husband Frank have a nice house but it will also be filled with her in-laws, which includes her nephews that will get on my nerves fast. EGGGGGNOGGG.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Saturday night I drove to Elmira to meet my parents for dinner. They had spent the afternoon shopping at the mall. I was not really entice by the idea of driving an hour to Elmira and an hour back just for a free meal, but I love my parents so I can not say no. My parents suffer from Empty Nest syndrome and I am their favorite of the four kids. It turns out a week and a half ago my mother went off the road on an icy patch and slip into a ditch doing $3500 worth of body damage to the car. It happened on her way to work. She claims that this was her first accident, I don't believe based on the way she drives. She was unhurt, so the story has a funny ending. In September my mother was hired as the church secretary after the old one retired. The pastor of my parents church has been there for 7 or 8 years but my parents have been close friends with him and his wife for over 20 years. Two days before her accident, she had her first performance review. This I thought strange since the Church only has 4 paid employees to include the Pastor, asst. Pastor, the cleaning lady, and my mother. So anyways the Pastor told my mother that she did not have to get to work as early as she did and that if the weather was bad to wait for the plows to come threw. It is all back roads from my parents house to the church. My mother is pretty headstrong and she told the Pastor in no uncertain terms that she had been driving over the hill to church for the last 27 years and she could handle it. Two days later she went off the road. My parents Pastor is not the kind of guy to let my my mother live it down. She is going to be hearing about this for many years.