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Friday, November 26, 2004


Today is my 30th birthday or 23 depending on who you believe.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is what I consider one of two real holidays, along with Christmas. Everything else is a day off. I have a very personal connection to the holiday as well. On my Father's side of the family we trace our Ancestors back to Elder William Brewster. The spiritual leader of the Pilgrims. I am the part of the 13th generation of Brewster in this country. I can remember being young and learning about the Pilgrims and knowing that my Ancestors helped create the first remnants of a Modern Democracy with the Mayflower Compact. I have just always taken a lot of pride in my family being part of an important piece of American History. In fact I think I should be getting royalties for the use of Thanksgiving in advertising. I was also born two days before thanksgiving in 1974 and that truly is the reason for the season.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


When I was a Senior in HS I played Basketball. My best friend Jeff and I had both started on Varsity since we were Sophomores. Jeff was and still is one of my closest friends. We had started being friends and Kindergarten and barely a week went by those first 13 years of our friendship that we did not hang out together. You think people grow up right and then they go off and married a southerner and forget everything I learn't them growing up. I am getting off track.
One night in practice Jeff and I were scrimmaging in practice on opposite teams. Another good friend of ours SmallZ who is still also one of my best friends today was on Jeff's side. Smallz rode the pine. he never said anything, but I know it bothered him that his two best friends where the studs of the team and he played about 30 seconds a game. It was not that Smallz was not an athlete, he did things on a Baseball diamond I could not even dream about, but in Avoca Basketball was King and Jeff and I were princes. So in practice to make up for his lake of skill SmallZ played hard and he was guarding me. He was blatantly fouling me but it was practice and the coach let that stuff go to build of toughness. I was guarding Jeff on D. Since I was getting pushed by SmallZ, I started pushing Jeff in frustration. This went back and forth for about fifteen minutes till Jeff tackled me in the middle of the court. Coach threw us out of practice so quick, the next thing I remember was being out in the hall by the Senior lockers joking around with Jeff. It did not hurt our friendship at all, we blamed SmallZ. The funny thing was that the cheerleaders where just getting out of practice and asked us what we were doing in the hall. We explained that we got kicked out of practice for fighting. They did not believe us till they could confirm it with people that saw the whole thing go down. The next day Jeff and I had to do push-ups over a picture of the team and kiss the picture every time we went down. That was easy compared to the practice after we left. Coach was so pissed off that he rode the rest of the team in to the ground the rest of practice. Jeff and I walked over to his house which was only a few blocks from the school and his Mom made us some sandwiches. This was a bad idea, although his Mom suspected nothing. His father was our History teacher and one of the most intimidating people I have ever known. He found out what happened and read us the riot act. That was the one and only time I have ever fought a friend.


I have been to busy to post anything, but a lot of interesting things have been happening. I have been contacted by 2 x-girlfriends in the last week. They both want to 'normalize relations'. I tend not to get along with x-girlfriends except for one exception. Then this past Saturday night another friend of mine informs me that another X that he knows is moving back in January to the GBA for grad school. I don't think he was suppose to tell me, but this girl and I have have a bunch of mutual friends. So it is going to get interesting, me thinks.

So, today is my 1560 week on Earth. It is a nice place. I have enjoyed it. Friday is my 30th birthday. It is really weird and strange to me. I never really thought I would ever be 30. Thank g-d that I look 23.