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Friday, October 29, 2004


Four weeks from today I turn 30. So I have one month to grow up. I am blessed to look 23,24, but cursed to act 20. I actually decided last week when I was grocery shopping to grow up. I bought napkins. I had never bought napkins. I had always used paper towels, as a napkin. Not any more, now I am civilized. This past week instead of listening to the local Pop station, I have listened to Imus on my way to work. I heard that adults listen to talk radio. It is so weird to thing about that number. 30. I remember most of my birthdays quite well for the last ten years.

20: This was actually pretty boring. It was on a Saturday. My family does a big extended family Thanksgiving on Saturday after Thanksgiving. This one was at my cousin Jeffery's house. I probably went out with my friends that night.

21:I was the first of my friends to turn 21. So I got to buy beer at Midnight. My friends and I stayed up drinking and playing cards all night. My actually birthday day, I spent with my then girlfriend. Nine years and this girl still has a grudge, but that is a different story.

22: This year sucked, I was supposed to go up to Penn Yan and see a Keuka Collage basketball game that one my best friends from high school was in. We got a huge snow storm and I spent it with my family.

23: I actually had 2 girlfriends at that same time for this birthday. It was a good thing. Everyone deserves a piece of me. I learned my lesson. It is to hard to birthdays and holidays when you have two girlfriends to plan around.

24: This was my first birthday in the GBA. My birthday was on Thanksgiving. I was bouncing back in those days and I had worked Wednesday night and had to drive the 2 hours home that say for Thanksgiving.

25: Car Insurance drops. Whooo-hooo. I actually don't remember 25 maybe I skipped it and I am actually a year younger.

26: This is probably my favorite. I had an exgirlfriend whose birthday is in the beginning of November. I had stayed friends with her. Her new boyfriend had ruined her birthday. He tried but did not know no better. She ended up calling me and crying on the phone to me for 3 hours. The strange thing was that I lived 3 blocks down the street. On my birthday, she, her boyfriend and another friend hers took me out to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the GBA and the three of them paid for it. She did to show her boyfriend what you are suppose to do on someone's birthday.

27: The boyfriend from the previous story was now my roommate and he was still dating my x. I know it's strange. Everyone thinks so. We just went out and got blasted. A week later, my x (his girlfriend) convinced him to move out and move in with her because she had just moved back to the GBA to get her Masters and I was a bad influence. It was kind of depressing to see this normal kid in one years time just get bent to the way his girlfriend wanted him, but then I would remember that she was my x and that could have been me and it makes me happy that it was not.

28: I lost a bet a few days before and shaved my hair into a mohawk. I went home for Thanksgiving and not one person said anything about my hair. I guess after 28 years they were used to me.

29: I again spent 2 hours on the road after work driving back to Avoca. It was kind of boring.

Thinking about my birthdays over the last ten years I definably progress and regress in my maturity. I am smarter than I was at 20, but more cynical which is probley the reason I have repressed in maturity level.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


My Favorite: Curse of Darnell Hillman's Afro


This site is certified 33% EVIL by the Gematriculator
This site is certified 67% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


So I keep on hearing in the news on these new fangled electronic voting machines in Florida that don't have a paper trail. I say good. Can we trust the people of Florida? I say the more disenfranchised the better.

10. First of all if we used paper then Bush will just get richer from the timber company that he owns. The one John Kerry told us about in the 2nd debate.

9. Remember the hanging chad, no paper no hanging chad.

8. With no paper receipt, democrats will not be able to pay people for their vote. They can try, but anyone can say they voted for Kerry and lie about it.

7. Have you ever been to Florida, neither have I. How do I know it exist. Just because it is on a map? I got a map that says U.S.S.R. and people tell me all the time that does not exist anymore.

6. The last time I checked they were in the south. Didn't the south try to leave the Union. Who gave them back the right to vote?

5. 90 miles from Cuba! Need I say more?

4. CSI:Miami sucks.

3. Orange Juice is my favorite juice.

2. I got a friend that lives in Lakeland, trust me this girl has no business voting.

1. What kind of name is Jeb anyways? This isn't 1850 in the Kansas Territory. Your name is John. What are you trying to hide?

Monday, October 25, 2004


I think it was about 13 years ago, I was up to the lake for the summer. Almost every day I went into town and played basketball. In those days that is all I did was play basketball. I became friends that summer with this kid Aaron whose family also had a house on the lake. He introduced me to his brother Andy who was as big a basketball fan as I was back in those days. One day Andy ended up back at the house with me and I introduced him to my sister Tarah. They became fast friends. They did not date mostly because Andy was from Syracuse and Tarah lived 3 hours away. I knew that they stayed friends over the next few years but I was pretty much wrapped up in myself
to notice what was going on in anyone else's life. I saw Andy from time to time. He might come down for thanksgiving but Tarah and him were just friends. Tarah first went to Houghton College when became a freshmen and I do know that she dated at least one guy out there. She Eventfully ended up transferring to Roberts Wesleyan where my other sister was attending. This is where she began her major in Nursing. She did not like it there either. She ended up transferring out to Indiana Wesleyan after a year. She graduated in December of 99 with a B.S. in Nursing. Andy had gone to St.Joseph School of Nursing in Syracuse and was a nurse at St. Joe's. This was
reason the Tarah had decided to become a Nurse. Right after Christmas in 1998 Tarah and Andy started dating for the first time 'officially'. Everyone in both families knew that is was an inevitability. In August of 99 Andy called me, which in itself was a bit unusual and it was from my parents house. He tried to make small talk, but ended up telling me that him and Tarah were getting married. They ended up getting married in June of 2000. Tarah was already working at St. Joe's and living with a mutual friend for the last 4 previous months to getting married. Two years prior to Tarah and Andy getting married he was laying in bed one night and felt in strange.
Being a nurse be was quite in tune with his body. He figured out that his heartbeat was slowing down. He called his brother and ended up going to the emergency room. He eventfully has a pace-maker placed on his heart. IT never stopped him from doing anything and if we played basketball he did a lot better because everyone was afraid to really get in his face. On a Monday, in late October Andy was to have surgery to replace his pacemaker because it had been shorting out. I had no idea because that type of surgery was not a big deal so my mother never thought to even mention it to me. That Tuesday night I got home and there was a message from my mother to call her. I did. She told me about the surgery and that the doctor when removing the wires
from Andy's heart had ripped a dime size hole in his heart. He went into arrest and they had to massage his heart to bring him back. He was now in a drug induced coma till they ran some test. My mother assured me that everything would be fine. That Friday night after I got out of class for the day I headed up to Syracuse which is about an hour drive for me. Andy was at St. Joe's. The same hospital where both him and my sister worked as nurses. Everyone seemed in reasonable mood. I personally don't deal with hospitals very well. Andy was in the intensive care unit. I can't describe what it is like to see someone you care about in the condition that he was in. I stayed for about an hour and headed back to the GBA. Saturday was day that they
would run the final test. My mother called me that Sunday. The doctors had determined that Andy would not survive without life support. That Monday November 2nd my 24 year old sister made the choice to take the only man she had ever loved off life support. Andy had just turned 26 that past September. I have not known a nicer person than Andy. I gained tremendous respect for my sister. The whole time and to this day my sister'S faith in God never wavered. I miss you Andy.


The Giants lost yesterday but Manchester United beat Arsenal so everything in the Universe equaled out. I know football is on during the day on Sunday but I can not stay up till after midnight watching Baseball on a Sunday night and still get and be to work by nine. So, funny story, Saturday night a few friends came over to watch the World Series. It ended up that there was one girl there that I had dated a few years ago but it was never anything serious. She had ended up moving to Florida and since I am the worst about staying in contact with people I never talked to her again after she moved. So she ends up coming over with one of my friends because she is good friends with his girlfriend. It was a little awkward because I basically cut her out of my life when she moved but she was fortunately cool with it. She had moved to the from Miami to the City about a year and a half ago and had been coming to the GBA to visit every few weeks. The was trying to guilt trip me, but I was like Pete got my number you could have called. I getting sidetracked here. So after the game everyone is just hanging out in my living room and Game Day Final is on ESPN. This girl see's the blue turf of Boise State. She was in total awe. "What is that?" Now I think the blue turf is the dumbest thing ever. I said 'The turf is.." "They play football on turf?"

PAUSE. What??

This could be taken two ways.

1. AWWW It's the innocence of a child. Except this girl is, I think like 27 or 28.

2. This girl is dumb. Cute, but dumb and after listening to dumb questions about Baseball for the last 4 hours. This was the choice I was more inclined too.

Even thought it was almost two day's ago it still makes me laugh everytime I here 'They play football on turf'.