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Friday, October 15, 2004


Many of you out there have been emailing me, asking what I though of Kerry's reference to Mary Cheney being a lesbian. I say to you 'You should see my Gmail spam folder now'. It was a dirty trick. It is pretty transparent to see that Kerry was using it to try and keep Evangelicals from voting. He knows that they won't vote for him, so he is using that to try and keep them from voting for Bush/Cheney. I have known for a long time that Mary Cheney was a lesbian, but in my office yesterday is was split half and half between people that did and did not know. The only consensus was that is was a low blow for Kerry to do it. Will Kerry keep some Evangelicals from voting, probably. Will people who may have planned to vote for Kerry not vote at all because of the bad taste he leaves in their mouth, I think so.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I did not watch the debate, but from what I have been reading and what some people in my office have been saying, I think Goldwater won. Instead of watching the debate I rented Walking Tall. I liked it and it was worth the $1.75 I spent to rent it, but let me tell you what I did not like about it.

1.Chris(The Rock) returns home after having been in the Army for eight years. The only thing he has is a duffel bag that is half full. Is he having all the rest of his stuff shipped separately. So what you are lead to belief that in 8 years he acquired no possessions.

2.Chris family has not seen him in eight years. I am seriously supposed to belief that he never came home in 8 years.

3.He nephew plays like he is 13 or 14, Chris has only been gone for 8 years and the kid does not remember him at all.

4. Where is the nephews father. I get it that Chris and his sister are mulatto, but the kid is defiantly darker than his mother. There is not one other black person in the movie. You would think that even if the kid's father is dead, that town would have at least one other black person.

5.The town itself is portrayed as small. If the mill is closed and the only way to get there is by ferry, then where does all the money come from for the Casino.

6.It is the worlds smallest casino.

7.Are they seriously going to hurt Chris when he is friends with their boss?

8.How come in the movies people who are left for dead are always left on a bridge in the rain until a semi comes along?

9.So, Chris is lucky that he did not have charges pressed against him. Did ya see the scars? Did ya?

10. Who does Carpentry work in a white polo shirt? Chris does.

11. Chris has the speediest trial in the history of modern litigation.

12. I almost forgot. His truck sits around for eight years, but starts right up because his dad change the plugs. He did want a truck when he was in the Army. When I was in the Army, I did not know anyone with a car.

13.Not Guilty=Now your the Sheriff.

14.Just because you lost the Sheriff race, does that mean you lose your job at a deputy?

15.In my life, I have never seen a uniformed cop with a goatee.

16. Chris fires all the deputies, Can he do that?

17. When his X-girlfriend visits Christ at his parents, Why does she park on the side of the road when they have plenty of room in the driveway?

18. We know Hamilton is behind the Meth, where could his lab possibly be? If only the was a large building that we know Hamilton owned that was all locked up?

19. Am I seriously supposed to believe that a Casino owner is going to be drug kingpin. There is a lot more money in Casinos. Ask the the Mafia.

20. The drug is meth. Meth is not a drug to make a lot of money with, there is to much overhead and the process is to dangerous. Money making drugs are Ganga, H, and Ya-yo. Nobody ever got rich off Meth.

21.Why does the mill still have all the equipment in it? Don't you usally sell this kind of thing when a place like that goes under?

22.So the ex-Sheriff fires about 1000 rounds into the Sheriffs department with an M-60. I never once saw him change the barrel. So if he fired that many rounds that barrel would have melted over.

23.What's up with the nod that Jonny Knoxville character gives Hamilton during the trail. I thought they were going somewhere with that, but nothing happened.

24.The Casino closes so the mill opens back up. huh?!

25.The movie is only an hour and 14 minutes. That's not a movie, its a long Sopranos episode.

I liked this movie, so you imagine the hell I go through when I watch a movie I don't like.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I once played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with Randall Terry at 6 in the morning waiting for the first showing of Episode I.


I think that following politics has become like following sports. It was really always been that way for me. My father is and was a Republican growing up. I can remember cheering when Reagan was re-elected. Like many kids I like the same team (Republicans) my father did. My father is also a Cowboys fan for some unknown reason and my mother is a Bills fan. I guess nobody parents are perfect. I grew up to be a Giants fan. Just like in sports people hate the other people on the team. People on the left HATE Bush, people on the right HATE Kerry. Compare it to the Yankees and the Red Sox, fans of each team hate the players on the other side. I don't really follow Baseball, I find it boring. The point is that living in New York I see a lot of Red Sox hatred. Both teams contain players that will be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. You could not get a fan on either side to admit that the other team has some decent players. I personally would like the Red Sox to win so I can stop hearing about this curse. This year I think the political discourse had been amped up to a notch that American sports fans are not used to. Nearly every one has heard of Soccer hooligans. Those fans who take their support of a club over top resorting to violence against fans of another team. It is a kind of sub-culture not experienced in the States at levels that it occurs in England. There have been repeated stories of attacks on Republicans and even some stories out there about attacks on democrats. If you are reading this you know the stories and I am not going to waste my time linking to them. In the end life goes on, no one is going to move out of the United States because their Candidate lost. November 3rd will be just like the day after the Superbowl, most of the population will not care. The fans of the winning team will feel elated and the fans of losing team will say 'wait till next year' or in this case 'wait till four years'.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Three more weeks and it is all over. I can't wait, I don't think what happened four years ago will happen this time. Although last time did afford me my first television appearance. I used to hang out at this coffee shop that a couple of friends of mine worked at. Every day the Fox 40 anchor and weather guy used to come in there and get coffee before going into work. So one day in early December 2000 they came in with a camera crew and did a bunch of 'person on the street' type interviews. I appeared on the news that night saying Gore was trying to steal the election. It was cool seeing my self on TV. my x-girlfriend taped it for me and I still have it somewhere. If I could just remember what a tape is? I have a $100 bet with one of my friends over who is going to win.
This past weekend he said he would nullify the bet if I voted for Kerry. I am not down with that. Saturday night I was introduced to this kid that is running for Broome County Legislature. I think he was about 27. I live in the district he was running. So after my friend intrudes us and tells me he served in the Army. This guys tells me he served in Iraq and was in Tiqret. So I was mildly interested. He found out that I was a Republican and he acted as if someone had shot him. He could not believe that someone my age (29) could be a republican. He kept on going off about the me being indoctrinated by the Army. He asked if I watched Fox. I told him now. If I got any news from television is was usually from PBS. This is true. He was even more taken aback. He kept on going off about the military industrial complex. I had to hold my self back, because here was a guy claiming to having served in Iraq, and he said he was in the reserves. I did not want to be that guy that beats up the legislative candidate that served in Iraq. So I asked him if he thought that all these companies that are part of the MIC are evil. He said that they are all basically evil just making money on the prospect of war. So I said if you were elected to the Broome County Legislature would your Platform be to get BAE and Lockheed-Martin to leave Broome County. He literally said 'Halliburton--'. I was like shut up. Don't even say anything else. I have asked a friend of mine who works in the NYS National Guard OCS program to check and see if this guy was actually in Iraq. I am going to expose this guy.

Monday, October 11, 2004


I saw a sneak preview for TEAM AMERICA this past Saturday night. I was not even planning on seeing it, but Sean Penn convinced me that I should see it. It quite rips every left wing Hollywood nut apart. The one's that take the biggest hits are Alex Baldwin, Janeane Garofalo, and for some reason Matt Damon. The Matt Damon thing is hilarious. They seem at times to make fun of the way the war is handled, but in such an over the top way that it is not really making fun of it. The movie is sexually explicit if such a thing is possible, but since it is puppets it makes one of the funniest moments of the movie. The great thing was that I went to a party Saturday night and there were a few people who wanted to know what is was like when they found out that I had seen it. I previously gotten into a heated discussion with this one guy over the war in Iraq. He was suppressed that I had seen thinking that it would bend to his way of thinking. He was thoughly disappointed that the movie just really made fun of Hollywood actors that thought the same things he did. I liked and if you are reading this, you will as well.