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Saturday, October 09, 2004


This weekend is Alumni Weekend for Binghamton University. We don't have a football program so the only thing for really to do is party. So I have a bunch of friends who came into town to act like they were all in their early 20's again. I had a few friends staying with me. I acutely was not going to watch the debate, but one of my friends who is a big Kerry supporter wanted to watch. The five of us that watched it all agreed that Bush won hands down. I had a few saspies in me by the time they started. I am the kind of person that yells at the television, during sporting events, during debates, and when the killer is around the corner. I don't think my friends appreciated me yelling when Bush made a good point (and he made quite a few). "CAN'T ARGUE WITH THAT CAN YOU" I was often heard to say. The people they had in the audience scared me though. I though St. Louis was a cool city. I have been there a few times, so where did they dig these toothless wonders up from. The best question was that one about 'Why has there not been a terrorist attack in 3 years'. I think she stole in from O'Reilly, because on the Radio Factor on Thursday he said that what the main question he wanted to ask Kerry. I think Kerry talked about taxes in his answer. One of my friends said that Kerry does look like a Skinny Frankenstein. To this I stood on my couch and raised my arms and went ARGUE. (I told you I had some saspies in me.(which by the way is Avoca talk for beer)). My favorite part was when Bush laid the Smackdown on Chuck Gibson. I can't remember what it was about, but I know the President wanted to respond to something Kerry said and was not going to wait for Gibson to give him permission. The only thing I will way is that if I was some left wing nut job, I would think the questions favored Bush, but since I am not. Let me just give a shout out to the person that picked the questions to be asked. That's my take. OUT.
UPDATE: I forgot about the whole timber company thing. This whole thing made Kerry look real bad. You just know someone on his staff got fired for giving him that information.


Friday, October 08, 2004


I just noticed that one of the above ads says "another weekend alone", witch links to My own blog has become my mother.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


You may be reading this because Frank J of IMAO has selected my entry into the top 5 for this contest. There is the off chance my entry was not selected by Frank, but I have every confidence that I will be selected or Frank is a monkey. Anyways, since many may be reading this based on link to herE from IMAO after Frank post the finalist. I want you to remember that when you don't vote for me you make the Baby Jesus cry. That is not a veiled threat, thats just the way it is.

UPDATE: I did not make the cut, I had edit my entry down to the same length of the other descriptions. I guess the finalist did not feel that way and are confortable with monkey-boy edit them if they win. I personally believe in free speech. (That's what I keep telling myself anyways.)


I work for a sporting goods dealer. I sent some volleyball's to Abu Gharib a few months ago. They had a some A**-hat trying blow them up and the volleyballs I sent them got destroyed so the CO over their emailed me and explained the situation and I sent them so more volleyballs at no cost. He emailed me back some pictures of them playing volleyball on the homemade court they built. I would love to post the pictures up, but with Blogger there is no way for me to host the pictures. If there is someone out there that would like to host the pictures for me or even put them on their own blog that would be awesome. Just comment if what you would like to do.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I just picked up Ann Coulter's 'How to talk to a liberal (if you must)'. I should have a review forth coming. I still have to finish Irvine Welsh's 'P*rno', which I am about half way through. I also picked up NBA 2K5 for the ol' Xbox so it all depends on how much I like that game. I also picked up Bob Schieffer's 'This just in:What I could not tell you on TV.' at B & N as well because it was only $5.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Moderator: Welcome to the Vice-Presidential debate We will begin with
opening statements.

John Edwards: There are two Americas. I belong in the rich one, but there
are still two.


m: Vice-President Cheney, I remind you there is no drinking and smoking
during the debate. I would ask you respectfully to extinguish your cigar.


JE: I would like to remind the VP to try and act with a degree of civility.

M: VP stay way from Mr. Edwards.

(Cheney picks up the podium and brings it down on top of John Edwards head.)


google adds

Google ad's....why has thou forsaken me.

Monday, October 04, 2004


I have been added to The Blogosphere Political Compass Project. So go check it out. I scored 0.3 on the economic and 2.0 on the social. So I am pretty dead center. If I had gotten any more to the left I would have had to give up my membership in the VRWC.