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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


The guy the Secret Service is hunting for is from the GBA or it is really just outside of what I consider the GBA. That is strange. This huge news here.


I have decided to rewrite last night's CSI:Miami episode so that it actually makes sense. so here you go.

Open to people stuck on a bridge in Miami. A huge boat crashes into bridge. Lots of screaming and yelling as the bridge which's built to survive hurricanes collapse when a boat hits it.

Horatio Kane stands there looking out into the inter-coastal waterway trying to be the coolest red-headed male character on TV since that Danny kid and in no way pulling it off.

Speed and Delko walk up.

Kane: Thanks for cutting short your vacation. Who let you guys on vacation on the same time anyways?

Delko:You made us come off vacation for a boat accident?

Kane: Witness's said the boat was pointing at the bridge.

Delko: And they could tell this from inside of their cars??

Speed: So you seriously made me come off vacation for a boat accident and we don't even know if someone is dead?

Kane: Did you not see the way I took off my sunglasses and look into the waterway? Don't question me.

Cut to Kane on the boat coming down the ladder. Woods is standing over a body.

Kane: Did you find anything?

Woods: Only this dead body that you must have already stepped over.

Speed to Kane: I going to guess that you already fingerprinted that ladder you just climbed down from.

Kane:Ummm, Don't question me unless you want to back to processing bodily fluids in the lab full time.

Duquesne: I found a shell. It's purty.

Kane: What can you me.

Duquesne: It was a .22. (smells the shell) It was shot form a SIG. It was made in the Minsk factory not the Hamburg one. You can tell this because of where the firing pin leaves a mark. It was inspected by a man named Hans, who had just left his wife when he found out she was cheating on him and he has blonde hair. Other than that I got nothing.

Kane: Do we know who this guy is yet?

Woods: Let me get his wallet. Keith Garcia. Bell Harbor.

Open to Kane and his brother Widow at the home of the dead guy. Door is opened by a pretty blonde.

Blonde: Did you find my son?

Lady cop: What are you taking about?

Kane: Listen, I don't know nothing about your son, but you husband is dead and I know you did it. That of course gives you nothing to worry about because the person I always think that did it is always innocent. So anyways who did you hire to kill you husband?

to be continued....

Monday, September 20, 2004


We had quite extensive flooding this weekend in the GBA. This is a picture of the 10th green at the En-Joi Golf Club. I saw an overhead view of the course on the news saturday night and it looked like a lake. If you notice in the picture. They never turned off the fountian.


Last night I fell asleep with the lyrics to Ice Cube's "It was a good day" going though my head. It was a good day. I was sick all day Saturday. I did wake up Sunday morning cold, the last few nights it has gotten down in the fifties. I got up ate breakfast, played some NHL 2k5. I noticed on my way to church that my watched had stopped. It did not even bother me. It had worked since I bought it 3 years ago. The message in church was good. I got introduced to two wonderful girls. I just want to note something here. I go to a church of around 1200 people. With this many people, almost every Sunday I get introduced to a new girl. This week it was two and they were both beautiful. I think that there are maybe 5 or 6 guys in my church in their 20's and single. There are countless girls. It is a lot different then when I used to go out to bars and hit on chicks. 90% of the time you had to go up to them. In church it seems they get in line to meet you. I go home and the Giants win. The defense plays so well, that it is more entertaining to watch them than to watch the offense. It was such a nice day out that I went to the park and played basketball. The only white guy and I played awesome. I got home watched a movie, finished the book I was reading. When I was brushing my teeth, I realized my stalker did not even stop by uninvited. This was the first Sunday since I can remember that they did not come over. It was a good day.