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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


The other day it rained, which could be any day in the GBA. Binghamton is the second rainiest city in the US next to Seattle. Here it is not a matter of if it is going to rain today, but when is it going to rain today. Monday it was pouring out and I went out to roll up my windows, which ended up not being down. I grabbed the umbrella and walked outside to check my windows. When I came back inside almost everyone gave me a hard time because there was lighting out. "You could have been struck by lighting" was the gist of what I heard for a good ten minutes. Yesterday, I got this article from the local paper thrown on my desk.

The Susquehanna County woman escaped serious injury Monday when lightning hit an umbrella she was holding.

What my co-works though would scare me only tightened my resolve. I pointed out that the women not only did not die but was not injured. Getting struck by lighting and living is an awesome story to be able to tell the rest of your life. I could have even taken the rest of the day off. My office is now totally convince that I am in fact insane.


I force my self to watch NEVER DIE ALONE the other night. It is a sad state of affairs when David Arquette gives the mose believable performance in a drama. The movie had absolutly no believable characters. The most likably character was played by DMX and twice in the movie he gave battery acid to women when they thought is was heroin to kill them. I am not above turning off a movie if is really bad, but this movie was so bad I could not stop watching it.

The other movie I watched was THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. I actully thought I was going to get punked by this movie. If you have not seen the movie you stop reading now. I liked this movie a lot. I have always wanted the ability to go back into my past with the knowledge I have now and be able it effect the future the way I want. I would probly use it for evil. I have always said for the last few years that if I knew in high school what I know now about women, I would have been the biggest pimp ever. That knowledge is wasted on women my own age because most them are just bitter about the guys they knew in the past that were like me. I am getting a little of track. I liked the movie, so go rent it. oh, I almost forgot. This movie has a quote in it, that goes in my top 25 movie quotes of all time. "His name's Jason and he's crazy"

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


The last few weeks I have been watching Amish in the City on UPN. I like the show, but I think the producers would have been better served if they actually placed the Amish kids with normal American kids that the idiots that they put on the show. Where I grew up in Upstate New York we had Amish farms around. It was not an everyday occurrence that you would see a horse and buggy, but we did not consider it an unusual site to see an Amish person. One summer I when I was younger, I worked on a potato farm. One of the things I used to do with that job was to take 50 lbs. bags of potatoes to the Amish for sale. Some of the nicest people I have ever known have been Amish. I have hung out with a few that have been on Runspringa, but I have only known one who left the order. It is a tough choice to make.

In my life I had just grown up with the Amish around. I never had seen anyone react to seeing the Amish for the first time until five years ago. Those five years ago I was on my way to my cousins wedding in Harrison Valley, PA which is located in northern PA and also just happens to be me mum's home town. My x-girlfriend and I were about halfway there when we came upon a horse and buggy. She had grown up in Middletown, NY, which is about an hour north of The City. I knew immediately what I was seeing and had no reaction. She had no idea what she was seeing. This girl was an intelligent person, but her reaction to seeing the Amish was one of almost disgust. She honestly could not believe that they did not drive. At the time I thought her reaction was funny. It was not for some time later that I realized that her reaction had been one of ignorance and almost hatred. She had been driving and considered it a dangerous for her to have to try and avoid hitting them.


I used to post once or twice a day. This time of year though, I am quite literally 376% busier that I was even a month ago. That is not some arbitrary number either, I actually figured it out. I have written a few post and just have not posted them. I am not really sure why though. At this point I will not even be able to take a half day off till at least the end of January. I of course will get the holidays off but those are not days I can just sit at home. I know that I have a few people that do check and see if there is anything posted here every few days, please don't stop. I promise I won't stop posting. I will even try to get my post on the Amish posted later today once I have a chance to re-read it.