offical Blog of the Liger

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Christmas weekend was great. My mother is now in a full court press to set up me up again. I won $150 playing poker at various times between Thursday night and Sunday night. I drove back in a snow storm leaving Avoca at midnight and getting to the GBA after 2 in the morning just to go to work and be bored since all colleges and high schools are closed these week and I have nothing to do. My friend Tuna's girlfriend came on to me but if I tell him he will think I am just kidding and trust me she came on to me and she had not been drinking. I have made plans to visit Tuna in DC in February. That will be interesting. My friend Joe's wife kicked him out of the house Christmas Eve because "he spent to much money on her for Christmas". It turns out that he just did not like the $300 chair that he bought her and that she is insane and further proves my point that my friends should consult me before they get married. A bit on irony for you. My mother was saying that my High School is having a problem with kids skipping school to play poker. Sunday afternoon, I took part in a $5 buying 8 person game and it came down to me and the wife of the cousin my friends Smallz and Joe's. She beat me because I went all in and she called and hit on 5th street to take me down. So the women that beat me is the Principal of my old high school. Don't worry readers, she got so over-confident that she came to Joe's house later that night and I won everything so I got my $5 back and another $5 from her along with everyone else's money. I am leavening work early because I need to clean my house after the holidays and I have a X coming into town for a wedding of a mutual friend and she is staying with me in the spare bedroom. Till next time.