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Monday, December 20, 2004


They are trying to ruin Christmas for me. I was hoping to leave work at head to my parents at around 3, but since UPS is delivering Air packages on Friday some one has to be here to lock up after the warehouse closes and we hare having UPS do our daily pickup a hour later than normal. I lost the office lottery, so I got picked to be one to stay late. I will be here to at least 7 on Thursday. I loathe driving at night and it basically pointless to go back since I would not even be back till 9 than night. I will head back Friday morning. It turns out we are doing family Christmas Friday afternoon at around 3. Since I now have 3 month old nephew and my sister Aaron and her Husband live an hour and 1/2 from my parents, they don't want to be there late. This is something I am not happy about.

In what I don't know is good news, my friend Joe called me Saturday to tell me that his wife is a month pregnant. He did not like it when I asked who the father was. Long time readers will remember that I can not stand this girl.