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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Many of my regular readers will remember me talking about my $100 bet on the election. I won of course. The person I made the bet with was at my house last night and made no mention of the bet. I am not the kind of person to bring it up money owed especially with friends. This friend called me and said that he had gotten two tickets to the Penn State/Northwestern game this weekend in State Collage. It looks like I will be heading to Avoca after work manyana, and head to Penn State Saturday with my Father. I feel much better now that the election is over. I take this stuff way to seriously. The vendors I deal with on an almost daily business for my job have said they noticed my disposition has been better these past two days.
In other news...

I pre-order Halo 2 for my XBOX last night and was told that EB will open at midnight Monday to pick it up. I totally paid for the game, but they told me that if I planned on picking it up that night it was a good idea to come in during the day Monday to pick up A numbered flier because even though I was all paid up I could still spend a couple of hours in que to get the game. I will just get it after work Tuesday night. That is a little crazy.

I bought a twelver of Yeugling at Weagmens last night. The cashier checking me out asked for ID. I showed her. "You are not almost thirty". She called the manager over to make sure that I did not have a fake ID. I look young, but that is crazy.

Speaking of crazy, I just read that the Average height for men is 5'9". That's a shame. I am 6'4". My two closest friends are both over 6'. I only have one close friend that is under. I consider any man under 6' to be short.

I hate Halloween, mostly because I hate candy. I am at this moment feeling sick from eating candy corn. stupid holiday.

We got our first frost of the year last night in the GBA. Personally, I don't mind the cold as long as there is snow. If there is not snow and it is cold, it is annoying and pointless.

You probebly had to be here to think this was funny. I just called my warehouse and had them look to see if I was back there wondering around. It took them 10 minutes before they figured out what I had done.