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Monday, November 15, 2004


They are killing Independent Brew. I just found out that my 39 year old cousin is getting married. Curses. In the past, I could always say 'Hey Jeffery is not married yet?' and that usually kept the "When are you going to settle down?" questions at a low. Now, he is going ahead and getting married and to make it worse his fiancé is good friends with my sister Aaron. They have been conspiring for the last 6 months to set me up. The last girl Aaron tried to set me up with got married this summer. Dodged that bullet. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we have Thanksgiving with all my aunts and uncles and cousins on my Dad's side. I also realized that my another old excuse I used for not getting married was my grandfather. He did not get married till he was 29. I am going to be 30 the day after Thanksgiving, so that excuse is no longer valid for me. It really boils down that there are only two girls out of the girls I have dated that I can look back on and say I would have married them. One is Swiss girlfriend, but I think I may have illusions about her since it now has been a few years since we broke up and I have forgotten the exact reasons why I did not like here, but at least she was smart and I tend to attract girls that are less intelligent then me( not that it is hard to be less intelligent then me). The other one would be this other girl who was never really a girlfriend technically. but that is a story for another day.