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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is what I consider one of two real holidays, along with Christmas. Everything else is a day off. I have a very personal connection to the holiday as well. On my Father's side of the family we trace our Ancestors back to Elder William Brewster. The spiritual leader of the Pilgrims. I am the part of the 13th generation of Brewster in this country. I can remember being young and learning about the Pilgrims and knowing that my Ancestors helped create the first remnants of a Modern Democracy with the Mayflower Compact. I have just always taken a lot of pride in my family being part of an important piece of American History. In fact I think I should be getting royalties for the use of Thanksgiving in advertising. I was also born two days before thanksgiving in 1974 and that truly is the reason for the season.