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Monday, November 29, 2004


I did not kill any deer this year on my 2 and 1/32 days of hunting. Thursday, I went to the farm. The farm is the dairy farm where my father grew up and where I have two sets of uncles and aunts that live up there. I sat out for 6 hours in the tree stand and saw nothing. I then had to go meet my parents for lunch so that was it for Thursday. Two days later my cousin got two deer from the same tree stand. I did not hunt Friday because I had to come back to the GAB and work. Saturday I went out and saw a buck and a doe but bother where to far out for me to take a shot with a shot gun. If only I could hunt with my M-16 from the Army. Saturday night my friends had a surprise party for me, so I did not get up early enough to hunt Sunday. I was driving to meet my parents at church Sunday morning. My parents church is in the middle of nowhere. I was about halfway there and it is all dirt roads to the church. The part of the road I was cuts through the middle of a Pine forest. There I was on my way when I saw a Dow walk across the road up ahead of me. It was about a quarter of a mile up ahead. I stopped my truck. I did not have my shotgun with me, since I had not planned on hunting again and I store my shotgun on my parents and don't take it back to the GBA with me. Do not be discouraged, young ones. I was not without a weapon. I had my trusty SIG PRO .40. I got a full clip out of the glove compartment and got the gun out of its case under my seat. (It is legal to hunt with a handgun in NYS.) The deer was still standing by the side of the road, under NYS should be relatively save since you can't fire across a road or at a road or from a road, in reality it was in a lot of danger. I got out of my truck, slid the clip in, took the safety off. I aimed and fired and I hit the tree next to the deer, I got off another shot. The deer was now gone. I hit another tree. I cleared the gun and got back into my truck and went to church.

Speaking of hunting with handguns, the Town Justice for Avoca shot his brother in law in the arm on accident with a .44 Magnum. The guy was not hurt bad at all. I guess he walked out of the woods and called an ambulance and was hunting the next day. So the next time you are on 390 near exit 1 in NYS, make sure you don't speed. We dish out justice the old fashioned way in Avoca.

UPDATE: Here is the story in the Corning Leader.