offical Blog of the Liger

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I have been to busy to post anything, but a lot of interesting things have been happening. I have been contacted by 2 x-girlfriends in the last week. They both want to 'normalize relations'. I tend not to get along with x-girlfriends except for one exception. Then this past Saturday night another friend of mine informs me that another X that he knows is moving back in January to the GBA for grad school. I don't think he was suppose to tell me, but this girl and I have have a bunch of mutual friends. So it is going to get interesting, me thinks.

So, today is my 1560 week on Earth. It is a nice place. I have enjoyed it. Friday is my 30th birthday. It is really weird and strange to me. I never really thought I would ever be 30. Thank g-d that I look 23.