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Thursday, October 14, 2004


I did not watch the debate, but from what I have been reading and what some people in my office have been saying, I think Goldwater won. Instead of watching the debate I rented Walking Tall. I liked it and it was worth the $1.75 I spent to rent it, but let me tell you what I did not like about it.

1.Chris(The Rock) returns home after having been in the Army for eight years. The only thing he has is a duffel bag that is half full. Is he having all the rest of his stuff shipped separately. So what you are lead to belief that in 8 years he acquired no possessions.

2.Chris family has not seen him in eight years. I am seriously supposed to belief that he never came home in 8 years.

3.He nephew plays like he is 13 or 14, Chris has only been gone for 8 years and the kid does not remember him at all.

4. Where is the nephews father. I get it that Chris and his sister are mulatto, but the kid is defiantly darker than his mother. There is not one other black person in the movie. You would think that even if the kid's father is dead, that town would have at least one other black person.

5.The town itself is portrayed as small. If the mill is closed and the only way to get there is by ferry, then where does all the money come from for the Casino.

6.It is the worlds smallest casino.

7.Are they seriously going to hurt Chris when he is friends with their boss?

8.How come in the movies people who are left for dead are always left on a bridge in the rain until a semi comes along?

9.So, Chris is lucky that he did not have charges pressed against him. Did ya see the scars? Did ya?

10. Who does Carpentry work in a white polo shirt? Chris does.

11. Chris has the speediest trial in the history of modern litigation.

12. I almost forgot. His truck sits around for eight years, but starts right up because his dad change the plugs. He did want a truck when he was in the Army. When I was in the Army, I did not know anyone with a car.

13.Not Guilty=Now your the Sheriff.

14.Just because you lost the Sheriff race, does that mean you lose your job at a deputy?

15.In my life, I have never seen a uniformed cop with a goatee.

16. Chris fires all the deputies, Can he do that?

17. When his X-girlfriend visits Christ at his parents, Why does she park on the side of the road when they have plenty of room in the driveway?

18. We know Hamilton is behind the Meth, where could his lab possibly be? If only the was a large building that we know Hamilton owned that was all locked up?

19. Am I seriously supposed to believe that a Casino owner is going to be drug kingpin. There is a lot more money in Casinos. Ask the the Mafia.

20. The drug is meth. Meth is not a drug to make a lot of money with, there is to much overhead and the process is to dangerous. Money making drugs are Ganga, H, and Ya-yo. Nobody ever got rich off Meth.

21.Why does the mill still have all the equipment in it? Don't you usally sell this kind of thing when a place like that goes under?

22.So the ex-Sheriff fires about 1000 rounds into the Sheriffs department with an M-60. I never once saw him change the barrel. So if he fired that many rounds that barrel would have melted over.

23.What's up with the nod that Jonny Knoxville character gives Hamilton during the trail. I thought they were going somewhere with that, but nothing happened.

24.The Casino closes so the mill opens back up. huh?!

25.The movie is only an hour and 14 minutes. That's not a movie, its a long Sopranos episode.

I liked this movie, so you imagine the hell I go through when I watch a movie I don't like.