offical Blog of the Liger

Friday, October 22, 2004


I had a dream that I co-wrote a song with Toby Keith about the Florida Hurricanes. Stupid Ford truck commercial every other commercials. It was a really good song and I can't stand country music.

I forgot that two days ago was the 3 year anniversary of my best chance so far at a frivolous law suit, but I am a Republican. I was sitting at a light and got rear-ended by the Fire Marshall for the City of Binghamton in an official car. The left hand lane arrow came up and cars to the left of him started to move, so he took his foot of the gas. It scared the XXXX out of me. He did just over a $1,000 dollars of damage to my truck. We waited around for a cop to come but he told me he had to file a report with the city and just call Corporation Council for the City and they would tell me what to do. I ended up having to go around to two dealers and getting estimates and took the estimates to the city and I had a check in my hands for the difference. I could have easily faked and injury and probably gotten a few thousand for my troubles at the very least, but I was unhurt and I am a Republican.

Wakefield is starting Saturday. Wakefield is my boy.

I finally got a chance to play FIFA 2005 a little while last night. Why does Ryan Giggs start on the inside and Roy Keane on the outside on the default squad settings for MAN U.? It is annoying to switch them before every match.