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Monday, October 25, 2004


The Giants lost yesterday but Manchester United beat Arsenal so everything in the Universe equaled out. I know football is on during the day on Sunday but I can not stay up till after midnight watching Baseball on a Sunday night and still get and be to work by nine. So, funny story, Saturday night a few friends came over to watch the World Series. It ended up that there was one girl there that I had dated a few years ago but it was never anything serious. She had ended up moving to Florida and since I am the worst about staying in contact with people I never talked to her again after she moved. So she ends up coming over with one of my friends because she is good friends with his girlfriend. It was a little awkward because I basically cut her out of my life when she moved but she was fortunately cool with it. She had moved to the from Miami to the City about a year and a half ago and had been coming to the GBA to visit every few weeks. The was trying to guilt trip me, but I was like Pete got my number you could have called. I getting sidetracked here. So after the game everyone is just hanging out in my living room and Game Day Final is on ESPN. This girl see's the blue turf of Boise State. She was in total awe. "What is that?" Now I think the blue turf is the dumbest thing ever. I said 'The turf is.." "They play football on turf?"

PAUSE. What??

This could be taken two ways.

1. AWWW It's the innocence of a child. Except this girl is, I think like 27 or 28.

2. This girl is dumb. Cute, but dumb and after listening to dumb questions about Baseball for the last 4 hours. This was the choice I was more inclined too.

Even thought it was almost two day's ago it still makes me laugh everytime I here 'They play football on turf'.