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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I think that following politics has become like following sports. It was really always been that way for me. My father is and was a Republican growing up. I can remember cheering when Reagan was re-elected. Like many kids I like the same team (Republicans) my father did. My father is also a Cowboys fan for some unknown reason and my mother is a Bills fan. I guess nobody parents are perfect. I grew up to be a Giants fan. Just like in sports people hate the other people on the team. People on the left HATE Bush, people on the right HATE Kerry. Compare it to the Yankees and the Red Sox, fans of each team hate the players on the other side. I don't really follow Baseball, I find it boring. The point is that living in New York I see a lot of Red Sox hatred. Both teams contain players that will be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. You could not get a fan on either side to admit that the other team has some decent players. I personally would like the Red Sox to win so I can stop hearing about this curse. This year I think the political discourse had been amped up to a notch that American sports fans are not used to. Nearly every one has heard of Soccer hooligans. Those fans who take their support of a club over top resorting to violence against fans of another team. It is a kind of sub-culture not experienced in the States at levels that it occurs in England. There have been repeated stories of attacks on Republicans and even some stories out there about attacks on democrats. If you are reading this you know the stories and I am not going to waste my time linking to them. In the end life goes on, no one is going to move out of the United States because their Candidate lost. November 3rd will be just like the day after the Superbowl, most of the population will not care. The fans of the winning team will feel elated and the fans of losing team will say 'wait till next year' or in this case 'wait till four years'.