offical Blog of the Liger

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


It was a cold late October morning, our hero was laden down at his job with more work than any normal man could possibly handle. His co-workers ignored his plea's for mercy. He knew it was time to stand up, so he stood up and walked out the door. He then walked across the parking lot. He crossed the road as a car raced by nearly missing our hero my 10 feet. That was when he spied his prize. It was the Pepsi vending machine outside of the landscaping company across the street. He reached into his pocket. Yes! He had four quarters. He placed one into the vending machine. It slid down. The next one followed. The third again. The fourth slid in, but did not make the same glorious sound. It landed with a clunk into the change receptacle. 'What is this foul circumstance that has occurred.' thought our hero. He reached in for the coin to retry his luck and again he was caused the same denial. He reached once again for the coin. 'What was this abomination?' he ruminated. 'The bloody Queen was the coin'.

'WHY G-D WHY?' he screamed as he dropped to his knees. There would be Mountain Dew for our hero today.

This mostly true story is dedicated to all those people that live in the border states who have found themselves at times stuck with useless Canadian money. It is also inspired in part my an email the great FrankJ received from a neffie. (Neffie is Avoca speak for Canadian.)