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Friday, October 01, 2004


Dear John,
I will vote for Bush in November, I was always going to vote for Bush. I have never voted for a Democrat. I have voted for Libertarians before, and I might someday vote for some one in the Constitution Party. I will give you some background. I spent four years in the Army and two in the New York Army National Guard. When you disparage the National Guard, you disparage me. I used to consider myself a libertarian. I belief a lot of things they do about society partially about guns and drugs. I really disagree with them on National Security. The democrats always talk about getting the youth vote, but all you does is talk about Vietnam. I don't care about Vietnam. You certainly can't compare Iraq to Vietnam. A 1000 soldiers and marines have died in Iraq. 56,000 died in Vietnam. There is no comparison. You know what Vietnam to me is John Kerry. It's a video game. I was born in November of 1974. I don't even remember disco. You talking about Vietnam has become the same problem when Dole talked about WWII. A sizable chunk of the population was not alive or was to young to remember. These wars are nothing put pictures, movies and video games to the kids of my generation. My brother, who is 10 years younger than me, does not even really remember the first Gulf War. So I say to you John Kerry if you care so much about Vietnam, why don't you go back there and leave us alone.


P.S. When you came back from the 'Nam, you testified in front of Congress. I know you 'belief' that what you doing was the right thing, but everyone hates a snitch.