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Friday, October 15, 2004


Many of you out there have been emailing me, asking what I though of Kerry's reference to Mary Cheney being a lesbian. I say to you 'You should see my Gmail spam folder now'. It was a dirty trick. It is pretty transparent to see that Kerry was using it to try and keep Evangelicals from voting. He knows that they won't vote for him, so he is using that to try and keep them from voting for Bush/Cheney. I have known for a long time that Mary Cheney was a lesbian, but in my office yesterday is was split half and half between people that did and did not know. The only consensus was that is was a low blow for Kerry to do it. Will Kerry keep some Evangelicals from voting, probably. Will people who may have planned to vote for Kerry not vote at all because of the bad taste he leaves in their mouth, I think so.