offical Blog of the Liger

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Three more weeks and it is all over. I can't wait, I don't think what happened four years ago will happen this time. Although last time did afford me my first television appearance. I used to hang out at this coffee shop that a couple of friends of mine worked at. Every day the Fox 40 anchor and weather guy used to come in there and get coffee before going into work. So one day in early December 2000 they came in with a camera crew and did a bunch of 'person on the street' type interviews. I appeared on the news that night saying Gore was trying to steal the election. It was cool seeing my self on TV. my x-girlfriend taped it for me and I still have it somewhere. If I could just remember what a tape is? I have a $100 bet with one of my friends over who is going to win.
This past weekend he said he would nullify the bet if I voted for Kerry. I am not down with that. Saturday night I was introduced to this kid that is running for Broome County Legislature. I think he was about 27. I live in the district he was running. So after my friend intrudes us and tells me he served in the Army. This guys tells me he served in Iraq and was in Tiqret. So I was mildly interested. He found out that I was a Republican and he acted as if someone had shot him. He could not believe that someone my age (29) could be a republican. He kept on going off about the me being indoctrinated by the Army. He asked if I watched Fox. I told him now. If I got any news from television is was usually from PBS. This is true. He was even more taken aback. He kept on going off about the military industrial complex. I had to hold my self back, because here was a guy claiming to having served in Iraq, and he said he was in the reserves. I did not want to be that guy that beats up the legislative candidate that served in Iraq. So I asked him if he thought that all these companies that are part of the MIC are evil. He said that they are all basically evil just making money on the prospect of war. So I said if you were elected to the Broome County Legislature would your Platform be to get BAE and Lockheed-Martin to leave Broome County. He literally said 'Halliburton--'. I was like shut up. Don't even say anything else. I have asked a friend of mine who works in the NYS National Guard OCS program to check and see if this guy was actually in Iraq. I am going to expose this guy.