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Friday, October 29, 2004


Four weeks from today I turn 30. So I have one month to grow up. I am blessed to look 23,24, but cursed to act 20. I actually decided last week when I was grocery shopping to grow up. I bought napkins. I had never bought napkins. I had always used paper towels, as a napkin. Not any more, now I am civilized. This past week instead of listening to the local Pop station, I have listened to Imus on my way to work. I heard that adults listen to talk radio. It is so weird to thing about that number. 30. I remember most of my birthdays quite well for the last ten years.

20: This was actually pretty boring. It was on a Saturday. My family does a big extended family Thanksgiving on Saturday after Thanksgiving. This one was at my cousin Jeffery's house. I probably went out with my friends that night.

21:I was the first of my friends to turn 21. So I got to buy beer at Midnight. My friends and I stayed up drinking and playing cards all night. My actually birthday day, I spent with my then girlfriend. Nine years and this girl still has a grudge, but that is a different story.

22: This year sucked, I was supposed to go up to Penn Yan and see a Keuka Collage basketball game that one my best friends from high school was in. We got a huge snow storm and I spent it with my family.

23: I actually had 2 girlfriends at that same time for this birthday. It was a good thing. Everyone deserves a piece of me. I learned my lesson. It is to hard to birthdays and holidays when you have two girlfriends to plan around.

24: This was my first birthday in the GBA. My birthday was on Thanksgiving. I was bouncing back in those days and I had worked Wednesday night and had to drive the 2 hours home that say for Thanksgiving.

25: Car Insurance drops. Whooo-hooo. I actually don't remember 25 maybe I skipped it and I am actually a year younger.

26: This is probably my favorite. I had an exgirlfriend whose birthday is in the beginning of November. I had stayed friends with her. Her new boyfriend had ruined her birthday. He tried but did not know no better. She ended up calling me and crying on the phone to me for 3 hours. The strange thing was that I lived 3 blocks down the street. On my birthday, she, her boyfriend and another friend hers took me out to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the GBA and the three of them paid for it. She did to show her boyfriend what you are suppose to do on someone's birthday.

27: The boyfriend from the previous story was now my roommate and he was still dating my x. I know it's strange. Everyone thinks so. We just went out and got blasted. A week later, my x (his girlfriend) convinced him to move out and move in with her because she had just moved back to the GBA to get her Masters and I was a bad influence. It was kind of depressing to see this normal kid in one years time just get bent to the way his girlfriend wanted him, but then I would remember that she was my x and that could have been me and it makes me happy that it was not.

28: I lost a bet a few days before and shaved my hair into a mohawk. I went home for Thanksgiving and not one person said anything about my hair. I guess after 28 years they were used to me.

29: I again spent 2 hours on the road after work driving back to Avoca. It was kind of boring.

Thinking about my birthdays over the last ten years I definably progress and regress in my maturity. I am smarter than I was at 20, but more cynical which is probley the reason I have repressed in maturity level.