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Monday, October 25, 2004


I think it was about 13 years ago, I was up to the lake for the summer. Almost every day I went into town and played basketball. In those days that is all I did was play basketball. I became friends that summer with this kid Aaron whose family also had a house on the lake. He introduced me to his brother Andy who was as big a basketball fan as I was back in those days. One day Andy ended up back at the house with me and I introduced him to my sister Tarah. They became fast friends. They did not date mostly because Andy was from Syracuse and Tarah lived 3 hours away. I knew that they stayed friends over the next few years but I was pretty much wrapped up in myself
to notice what was going on in anyone else's life. I saw Andy from time to time. He might come down for thanksgiving but Tarah and him were just friends. Tarah first went to Houghton College when became a freshmen and I do know that she dated at least one guy out there. She Eventfully ended up transferring to Roberts Wesleyan where my other sister was attending. This is where she began her major in Nursing. She did not like it there either. She ended up transferring out to Indiana Wesleyan after a year. She graduated in December of 99 with a B.S. in Nursing. Andy had gone to St.Joseph School of Nursing in Syracuse and was a nurse at St. Joe's. This was
reason the Tarah had decided to become a Nurse. Right after Christmas in 1998 Tarah and Andy started dating for the first time 'officially'. Everyone in both families knew that is was an inevitability. In August of 99 Andy called me, which in itself was a bit unusual and it was from my parents house. He tried to make small talk, but ended up telling me that him and Tarah were getting married. They ended up getting married in June of 2000. Tarah was already working at St. Joe's and living with a mutual friend for the last 4 previous months to getting married. Two years prior to Tarah and Andy getting married he was laying in bed one night and felt in strange.
Being a nurse be was quite in tune with his body. He figured out that his heartbeat was slowing down. He called his brother and ended up going to the emergency room. He eventfully has a pace-maker placed on his heart. IT never stopped him from doing anything and if we played basketball he did a lot better because everyone was afraid to really get in his face. On a Monday, in late October Andy was to have surgery to replace his pacemaker because it had been shorting out. I had no idea because that type of surgery was not a big deal so my mother never thought to even mention it to me. That Tuesday night I got home and there was a message from my mother to call her. I did. She told me about the surgery and that the doctor when removing the wires
from Andy's heart had ripped a dime size hole in his heart. He went into arrest and they had to massage his heart to bring him back. He was now in a drug induced coma till they ran some test. My mother assured me that everything would be fine. That Friday night after I got out of class for the day I headed up to Syracuse which is about an hour drive for me. Andy was at St. Joe's. The same hospital where both him and my sister worked as nurses. Everyone seemed in reasonable mood. I personally don't deal with hospitals very well. Andy was in the intensive care unit. I can't describe what it is like to see someone you care about in the condition that he was in. I stayed for about an hour and headed back to the GBA. Saturday was day that they
would run the final test. My mother called me that Sunday. The doctors had determined that Andy would not survive without life support. That Monday November 2nd my 24 year old sister made the choice to take the only man she had ever loved off life support. Andy had just turned 26 that past September. I have not known a nicer person than Andy. I gained tremendous respect for my sister. The whole time and to this day my sister'S faith in God never wavered. I miss you Andy.