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Saturday, October 09, 2004


This weekend is Alumni Weekend for Binghamton University. We don't have a football program so the only thing for really to do is party. So I have a bunch of friends who came into town to act like they were all in their early 20's again. I had a few friends staying with me. I acutely was not going to watch the debate, but one of my friends who is a big Kerry supporter wanted to watch. The five of us that watched it all agreed that Bush won hands down. I had a few saspies in me by the time they started. I am the kind of person that yells at the television, during sporting events, during debates, and when the killer is around the corner. I don't think my friends appreciated me yelling when Bush made a good point (and he made quite a few). "CAN'T ARGUE WITH THAT CAN YOU" I was often heard to say. The people they had in the audience scared me though. I though St. Louis was a cool city. I have been there a few times, so where did they dig these toothless wonders up from. The best question was that one about 'Why has there not been a terrorist attack in 3 years'. I think she stole in from O'Reilly, because on the Radio Factor on Thursday he said that what the main question he wanted to ask Kerry. I think Kerry talked about taxes in his answer. One of my friends said that Kerry does look like a Skinny Frankenstein. To this I stood on my couch and raised my arms and went ARGUE. (I told you I had some saspies in me.(which by the way is Avoca talk for beer)). My favorite part was when Bush laid the Smackdown on Chuck Gibson. I can't remember what it was about, but I know the President wanted to respond to something Kerry said and was not going to wait for Gibson to give him permission. The only thing I will way is that if I was some left wing nut job, I would think the questions favored Bush, but since I am not. Let me just give a shout out to the person that picked the questions to be asked. That's my take. OUT.
UPDATE: I forgot about the whole timber company thing. This whole thing made Kerry look real bad. You just know someone on his staff got fired for giving him that information.