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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I don't follow baseball much. There are too many games to make it really exciting to watch during the year. If you lose in June it really means nothing. Last nights Yankees-Sox game was the first one game that I watch from beginning to end all year. So here are 10 obsevations from last night.

1. I hate the Yankees, mostly because I am surrounded by fans of them.

2. In the off-season when the Yankees out dealed the Sox for A-Rod, I believed that it was a bad omen for the Yankees. I think it is coming true. I think in 60 years the Curse of the Babe will be long forgotten and people will talk about the Curse of A-Rod. I predict that the Yankees will not win another World Series in my lifetime.

3.I think A-Rod needs to be a man and say he intentionally interferred. He came pretty close to admitting it, but not close enough for me.

4.I think that the two corrected calls by the umpires prove that the curse is over. Had it gone the other way you definetly say that there is a curse.

5.I am sick of hearing how tired relivers are. It is called thier job.

6.I don't get why the cops came out when the Yankees where on the field and not when the Sox were? They are not going to attack thier own players? (Oh, wait I forgot its New York, they will attack thier own players.)

7.The Mets still suck.

8.I have a lot of respect for Curt Schilling. I have alot more for him after his post-game interview.

9.Would someone please tell Arroyo that cornrows don't work on white guys.

10.This is the real World Series. Screw the National League.