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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


So I keep on hearing in the news on these new fangled electronic voting machines in Florida that don't have a paper trail. I say good. Can we trust the people of Florida? I say the more disenfranchised the better.

10. First of all if we used paper then Bush will just get richer from the timber company that he owns. The one John Kerry told us about in the 2nd debate.

9. Remember the hanging chad, no paper no hanging chad.

8. With no paper receipt, democrats will not be able to pay people for their vote. They can try, but anyone can say they voted for Kerry and lie about it.

7. Have you ever been to Florida, neither have I. How do I know it exist. Just because it is on a map? I got a map that says U.S.S.R. and people tell me all the time that does not exist anymore.

6. The last time I checked they were in the south. Didn't the south try to leave the Union. Who gave them back the right to vote?

5. 90 miles from Cuba! Need I say more?

4. CSI:Miami sucks.

3. Orange Juice is my favorite juice.

2. I got a friend that lives in Lakeland, trust me this girl has no business voting.

1. What kind of name is Jeb anyways? This isn't 1850 in the Kansas Territory. Your name is John. What are you trying to hide?