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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I spent the Labor Day weekend at my parents. They were gone for most of the weekend because the had to take by brother back to Indiana Wesleyan University for his Sophomore year. I hung out with them a bit on Monday. I am such a great son, I mowed my parents yard. This is no small task. It takes about an hour and half on a riding lawn mower. I left Avoca Tuesday morning. It was also the first day of school in New York. My parents live out in the country and as I drove down the road, I could see all the kids standing outside for their first day of school. I also saw her for the first time and I was annoyed.

Nine and half years ago I dated this girl for a few months. I though she was a great person and though it hard to remember actual feelings. I know I told her that I loved her and I think I did. Our relationship came to an end, mostly because she had started seeing someone else on the side. I was hurt and I went to one of her friends for comfort and ruined that friendship forever and even though I had ended my relationship with this other girl amicably, I soon became a jerk about it.

A few months later I was in Mississippi do some training in the Army. I called the friend of the ex-girlfriend who I had started to see. She said that the X had been said that very day that I called that she was pregnant and that I was the father. I confirmed this with a few friends that had also heard it. It took me two days before I was able to get a hold of the X. When I did get a hold of her, she confirmed that she in fact was pregnant but that I was not the father. I let her know that if I was that I would do the right thing. She said she knew that I would and I was always a straight up guy. Then I returned home my relationship with her friend ended into a mess that still causes me problems even today, but that is a story for another time.

My X ended up having to quit her job, because no one would speak to her because of the lie she told and they all liked me. Every time one of my friends would see this girl they would just rip right into her and then call me and tell me about it. Like two years after all this went down, the girl I was dating just happened to know her and mentions my name and that was soon over. I began to hate this her. I had not seen her in years and yet every time I dated a new girl, the first things my friends would say upon meeting her would be to tell her I had a kid. It still goes on today even though a lot of things have changed.