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Thursday, September 30, 2004


I will use this post to touch on a number of things that are not big enough to earn their own post.

I have sold out to Google, so please click on the adds.

I rented Shellshock Nam '67 for my Xbox last. It is a decent game and worth the $6 I spent to rent it. At one point in the game, another guy captures a VC, the VC starts begging for mercy and this guy takes out a pistol and blows the guys brains out. I was like 'whoa'.

If you are not watching Lost, you should be. Best line:

'I found a gun on him and I though we might need it....Oh, look...I shot a bear.'

I like CSI:NY but it needs to tone down on the blue filter when they are outside. It really does not look like that in the city.

I still have not required for lack of sleep this past weekend and I may be going to Utica this weekend with a buddy to play Lacrosse in their Alumni weekend. Then next weekend I have Alumni weekend for Binghamton University and I have already promised three people they can stay with me for the weekend. If someone has some extra sleep could I borrow it.