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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


When I first moved to the GBA when I got out of the Army, I got a job bouncing at a bar. In case you were wondering, I am 6'4" 220 so I did not get hired for my brains. I had been working there for about a month. I had become friends with a few people that worked at the bar. One night I noticed this girl talking to some friends of mine. She claims to this day that I never saw her before, but I did see her that night. The bar at the time was the most popular student hangout. The bar was in basement so you had to go down stairs to get inside. The next night I was going down the stairs, this girl was in front of me. I heard her say to her friend. "I hope no one notices that I wore this same shirt out last night". (I later found out that she did wash it, this person is still my friend so if she ever reads this I have to make that point clear). She know who I was in passing at the time, as most of the females at BU knew who I was because I was the bouncer who would let them in with no ID. I think about 20 minutes had passed and I saw this girl talking to my friend Brian. I walked up to Brian and said Hi and I said hi to her. I asked her if she was in her the night before. I smile came over her face and she said yes. So right now she is thinking this cute guy noticed me and then she hers me say " I thought so, you were wearing the exact same shirt." Too this day I have never seen anyone turn white and then turn red so fast in my life. She did not know what to say and I made it easier for her by walking away. The look on Brian face was priceless because this kid was ruthless when it came to girls. He still brings up that story to this day.

Now lest you think that this is where the story ends, it does not. It turns out this girl worked at the Coffee Shop that was also owned by the guy that owned the bar. I don't ever drink Coffee. I did become friends with a few people that worked there. It was right next door and since I worked at the bar I always got hooked up with free food and sometimes on late nights I would go on coffee runs for everyone else. It turned out this girl worked there and that was how she knew Brian. I would go in there a few times a week. I had forgotten all about what I had done to this girl. As I started to frequent the coffee shop I noticed that there was this one girl who would never speak to me and would always look away. Eventfully I asked her roommate who worked there as well what the deal was. She was a bit taken aback that I did not remember how I had scarred her friend. I started to laugh. I could not believe that this was the same girl. I apologized in that half-hearted way that people do when they don't really mean it. The next time she was in the bar I hooked her up with a bunch of free drinks and all was forgiven. Two months later we actually we had become so close that we started to date after my previous girlfriend and I broke up. We only dated for a few months. I have mentioned her before she was the one that had never seen the Amish. We are still friends to this day, that is unusually for me to be friends with an x. Maybe I should start the relationship out on the wrong foot in the future and then we will get along after we break up.

This post is true, but the idea to post it was inspired by SarahK's adventerin' shirt.