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Monday, August 09, 2004


1. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life. I never have, but that does not mean that I would not. If it was for city council and I knew the person really well, I might vote for them.

2. I think my taxes are too high. Is there some that does not?

3. I supported Bill Clinton's impeachment. This is a tough Question. I support the idea behind it, but it did get a little crazy.

4. I voted for President Bush in 2000. No, I voted for Harry Browne who was the Libertarian candidate. I have always been a Republican. I live in New York, so I was under believe that my vote would not count. I think the Libertarians now have gone off the deep end. I will be voting for Bush

5. I am a gun owner. I have a few.

6. I support school voucher programs. This is another tough one for me. I want the public school system to work and I think this hurts it. That being said my brother went to a private school during high school and he defiantly benefited from it.

7. I oppose condom distribution in public schools
. Yes, but having gone to a small high school. I doubt anyone would go ask the nurse for condoms.

8. I oppose bilingual education. Yes, assimilation needs to be enforce

9. I oppose gay marriage. I oppose any governmental recognition of marriage of any partners.

10. I want Social Security privatized. I am not relying upon it. So sure.

11. I believe racial profiling at airports is common sense. Yes, it was not Buddhist white guys from Malibu that flew planes into the towers.

12. I shop at Wal-Mart. Sure, but I curse every time because the parking lot is a nightmare.

13. I enjoy talk radio. On lunch I will listen to Rush or Jim Rome depending on which one commercial and I get interested in first.

14. I am annoyed when news editors substitute the phrase "undocumented person" for "illegal alien." This makes me physically ill.

15. I do not believe the phrase "a chink in the armor" is offensive. I have never heard of this being offensive.

16. I eat meat. I rarely ear vegetables.

17. I believe O.J. Simpson was guilty. I believe he was innocent with all my heart. I also believe Scott Peterson is innocent.

18. I cheered when I learned that Saddam Hussein had been captured. I was happy.

19. I cry when I hear "Proud to be an American" (God Bless the USA) by Lee Greenwood. I am man enough to admit I do. The first time I every heard that I can remember was during by Army basic training. If I here it now, I think of then.

20. I don't believe the New York Times. I like the crosswords.

Hat tip to willow