offical Blog of the Liger

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Stone Throw was this past weekend. This is an annual event for my friends. Depending on how many people make it we usually have from seven to ten guys there. This year we had eight. One of my friends drove from DC just to participate. We drive up to my friend Tony’s cottage on the south end of Canandaigua Lake. Stone Throw is the greatest my favorite weekend of the whole year. I don’t even enjoy it as much as some of the guys who are married and have kids. This is there weekend away. There is not really much to tell about the weekend that most other people would not find boring. Friday night we just stayed up all night playing poker and drinking beer. I only ended up losing $20 for the whole weekend. It’s on Saturday that the real excitement begins for Stone Throw. A lot of people have water-skied or been on a tube behind a speedboat. A few years ago we decided to up the danger factor. We came up with tube wars. You pull two tubes behind a boat going around 20 to 25 MPH. You then try and knock the other person off their tube. There is no greater feeling than managing to board someone else’s tube and fight them off it at dangerous speeds. Imagine doing a belly flop into a pool. Then imagine you are moving at 20MPH while you do this and then over and over and over again. It is the only summer weekend all of are together at the same time. We do all get together the day after Thanksgiving for Howard Football. It was all over by Sunday morning. I had a two and half hour drive back to the GBA. My friend Tony had to drive back to DC that afternoon on mostly no sleep.

I actually will see everyone one there this year again before Howard Football. Since all of there will be at our friend Joe’s wedding in September. I was going to try and break that up since I and the rest of our friends can’t stand his fiancée and she has basically told all of us she hates us, but I got fitted and paid for my Tux on Friday before the Stone Throw so I am invested now.

Howard Football is older that the Stone Throw as far as traditions go. It has been around in some form for 15 years. Howard is exit 38 on Interstate 86. There is nothing in Howard. It just a Hamlet of about 40 houses bunched together. There is a church, a library, and a volunteer Fire Department. There is also a park with a good sized field. I live about a mile away and my friend Tony lives about a half a mile away. We went there one day just to throw the football around because it gave us a lot of open space. We eventually got 5 on 5 matches going full tackle except for the Quarterback. The two guys who play QB do so because they have both had knee surgery, so they can’t get hurt. The worst injury ever suffered was that of The Clone going down with a broken collarbone. The game has just grown over the years. Last year we had 30 people show up and in the beginning of November I will start getting phone calls from people to make sure it’s still on. This year the plan is to get jerseys made it enough people confirm before.