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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Ten years ago this day I had about 3 weeks left of basic training in the Army. The one thing I dislike then about it is the one thing I wished I could have back. In nine weeks I never read one newspaper never saw a television program. There was no outside world. The only contact I had where the letters from my parents and my girlfriends. (Yes, I meant it plural. That is a story for another time.) They never talked about the news and only really gave me updates as to what was going on in their lives. I wished I had kept those letters. The point is I now sit in front of a computer all day reading news and blogs. The first thing I do when I get up is watch the news, the last thing I do is watch the news. If I try to avoid those, I turn it to MTV and have Puffydaddy telling people to Vote or Die. First of all I hate the whole its your responsibility to vote. There are some people who should not vote, they are to stupid. Remember the 80’s when musicians did something constructive when they wanted to make a difference. “WE ARE THE WORLD” and “BAND AID”. Now because they put out albums and have concerts to try and discredit the President. I hate country music, but I kind of dug the Dixie Chicks. If Natilie Maines was standing here next to me now, I would spit on her. If I lived in Texas I would be embarrassed that she was from there. I won’t even talk about Springsteen; he still thinks its 1984. I have pay respect to the band OTEP. They finally found a gimmick to make themselves well known and to sell records. I had actually heard of OTEP before MTV2 and Fuse started showing their ‘Warhead” Video. I can’t really understand what they are saying in the lyrics but the video show Dubya with hooks for hands and oil pumps. It is pretty easy to insinuate the message they are trying to get across. I just want to go back the days where I had no news to get me all worked up and two girlfriends. Is that two much to ask?