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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


The other day it rained, which could be any day in the GBA. Binghamton is the second rainiest city in the US next to Seattle. Here it is not a matter of if it is going to rain today, but when is it going to rain today. Monday it was pouring out and I went out to roll up my windows, which ended up not being down. I grabbed the umbrella and walked outside to check my windows. When I came back inside almost everyone gave me a hard time because there was lighting out. "You could have been struck by lighting" was the gist of what I heard for a good ten minutes. Yesterday, I got this article from the local paper thrown on my desk.

The Susquehanna County woman escaped serious injury Monday when lightning hit an umbrella she was holding.

What my co-works though would scare me only tightened my resolve. I pointed out that the women not only did not die but was not injured. Getting struck by lighting and living is an awesome story to be able to tell the rest of your life. I could have even taken the rest of the day off. My office is now totally convince that I am in fact insane.