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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


A little over a year ago my friend Joe meet this girl. He had just broken up with is girlfriend of three years a few months before, so I encouraged this new relationship because I could not stand his x-girlfriend. Colleen and I hit it off pretty quick in the beginning, but it always like that when you meet someone new, they only show you their good side. A few months went by and in the beginning of November last year I got a call at 2 o'clock in the morning by Colleen. Joe was out of town and she had gone out and gotten drunk and decided to call and tell me they had decided to get married. The strange thing was that he had told her not to tell anyone. I thought it
strange that they planning the engagement together to surprise his family. I always thought you were suppose to surprise your fiancee and you tell your family. I knew at that point that having only known each other a few months, they were not really interested in getting married to each other, they were just wanted to be married. I don't think this is an uncommon thing in America today, but you rarely see it in guys and I certainly did not expect it of one of my friends. Christmas came around and I did not tell Joe that I knew his plan, but I told our other friends because I knew it was a mistake. I know what your thinking, that I am getting involved with my friends lives to much and I shoul just let them live. I have bee really close to Joe
for eight years. His brother and I have been best friends since we were in the first grade. I have known the kid almost his entire life. I would want one of my friends to speak up if they thought I was making a mistake. I had already begun to sour on Colleen by Christmas, even though I did agree to be in their wedding at that time. It was also at that time that 'The Clone' who had been her favorite of Joes friends decided he could not give his blessing on the wedding. He straight up told them that he did not want to be in the wedding, but he would attend. It was not long after Christmas that 'Smalls' (Joes brother)came right out and voiced his opposition to the
wedding. There were other problems associated with this as well, because his wife had stayed friends with Joes x-girlfriend. Colleen believed that everyone should have cut off contact with her, this is kind of hard in a town of 6K people. It was nice that I had 'Smalls" on my side. The real weakness is was Joe And 'Smalls' other and sister. They just loved Colleen and compared to his ex-girlfriend it was easy to like her.