offical Blog of the Liger

Thursday, August 26, 2004


I am an uncle. I just realized when I typed 'uncle' that is an ugly looking word. Anyways, my friend Smalls two girls, Alexis and Neveh, call me Uncle Brew and I am their favorite. (Mostly because I give them money to tell their Uncle Joe that.) Now I am a blood uncle for the first time. Tuesday, Ross Abram Pentz was brought into this world. I hate the name as well. My other sister has this idea in her head that she is going to call it Rossie. I got felt ill when I saw that on her e-mail. He is going to have a complex before he is three. I think I will call me Hawkeye. If I ever have kids, I always wanted to name one Hawkeye, like in the Leatherstocking Tales. Yes, I stole the idea from MASH, but they are some of my favorite books. I don't think any women I marry would let me get away with that, so I shall make it Ross nickname. It is not all good news, they ended up having to do an emergency C-section on my sister because Hawkeye had an irregular heartbeat. He was already a week late, so I think he was just trying to tell everyone he was ready to leave. My mother assures me that the doctors have said it is not a big deal. It still worries me considering what happened to my other sister's husband. My sister and her husband are seeing a specialist today to make sure. Please keep Hawkeye in your prayers.