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Monday, August 23, 2004


Today is my youngest sisters 27th birthday. So this is a post about her. She is the strongest I know. She is a residential director for the female freshman dorm at Indiana Wesleyan University. She graduated from there in December of 1999 with a bachelors in nursing. (IF a chick gets a degree, how come they don't call it a bachlorette?) She moved to Syracuse and got a job as an RN at St. Josephs where her fiancee was also a nurse. In June of 2000 she got married. In late October of 2001 her husband went in for surgery to replace a bad pacemaker he had. He was 26 at the time. The doctor screwed it up and my brother in law never came back. He lived in a coma for a week before by 24 (at the time) year old sister had to make the decision to take her husband of year and half and best friend of over 6 years off life support. It is not a choice I could have made. During the whole ordeal, my sister faith in God never wavered and was a great witness to me. Happy Birthday, Tarah.