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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


That summer before my sophomore year in high school I worked on my Uncle’s dairy farm and lived with my grandparents on the farm. In those days there was no Direct TV, so the only channels my grandparents got was CBS, ABC, and NBC affiliates from Buffalo. My grandmother, who was the greatest cook that ever lived, would always have dinner ready around 5:30. Evening chores usually started around 4:30 for me but I would run up from the barn to eat dinner every night. That whole summer during dinner my grandfather would watch the local news at 5:30. Everyday that summer all I heard about was ‘MISSION MINNIPOLIS’. That was the little logo Channel 7 gave the Bills on their mission to reach the Superbowl that year. All I heard about that summer was the Bills. I got no news about any other NFL team. I learned to hate the Bills that summer and in turn I hate the AFC. The real Superbowl is the NFC championship.

I started my sophomore year of High School and it was a great year. The Giants went 10-0 and then lost. I can not remember who they lost too, but I do remember the 49er’s went 10-0 and lost that Sunday also. They then meet on Monday night and the Giants lost. A few weeks later Simms got hurt, but Jeff Hostetler did an alright job. The Giants beat the 49er’s in the NFC championship with a last minute kick. I had watched that game on my friend Aaron’s house since my father is a Cowboys fan and I did not deal with that very well. Aaron and I were Ecstatic. We convinced his mother to hold a Superbowl party there for all his our friends. The Bills ended of course also making it to the Superbowl. The Superbowl that year was the greatest ever. We had about 20 kids at Aaron’s house. It was evenly divided between Bills fans and Giants fans. It was the best party I have ever been too, and there were not even any adult beverages. The Giants won when Scott Norwood missed. If the Giants never win another Superbowl in my lifetime, I will always have that moment.