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Saturday, August 28, 2004


It is that time of year again. It's when the GBA gets invaded by the unwashed masses of downstate. The part of the GBA where I lives is filled with thousands of Binghamton University students who live off campus. As I get older I like this time of year even less. I discovered this morning that someone had keyed by truck. I am not really upset about it because it is on the passenger side that already has damage from when I drove it off the cliff last summer. I made my last payment on it in April. I had already decided to buy a new truck after this next winter and I don't think a key mark will really hurt the value more the abuse I have already done to it. BU is a strange campus. It is the only college campus in upstate that has more downstate kids in it. If you are not familiar with these terms I will explain them. If I say downstate this includes Long Island, The City, and Westchester County. Everything else is Upstate. Upstate can then be divided into 4 other sub-divisions. I grew up in Western New York. This is Generally considered to be anything west of the eastern most Finger Lake. The GBA is in Central New York. This is the east of the Finger Lakes to just outside Albany. The Capital Region which is the all the counties down to Westchester up to where the North Country begins. To figure out where the North Country begins you have to imagine a line at the bottom of Lake Ontario that cuts across to Vermont. Everything above that line is the North Country. That is your geography lesson for today. I have to get back to work.