offical Blog of the Liger

Friday, August 27, 2004

f you look at my desk right now, you might not even see me the work is piled on so high. I have decided to come in on Saturday when no one else is her and just get caught up on everything. I can not remember the last time I worked on a Saturday. I will problem just sit here and only do when absolutely needs to be done today because I am already resigned myself to coming into tomorrow.

I usually get up at 7 every day, no matter what day it is. I was about halfway through a game of ESPN 2K5 on the ol' XBOX this morning when I realized that today was not Saturday. That was kind of depressing. ( At least no one called looking Brandon and Ashlee early this morning.) Speaking of witch my Mother called me yesterday at 7:30 yesterday morning. She has known me my entire life, she knows that even though I get up early I am not a talkative person in the morning. So you would think that she would know better than to call me in the morning to have a conversation. My father brought this up at lunch yesterday and I asked him when has he ever known me to be a talkative person in the morning. He agree with me.

The leaves are starting to turn colors, in case you were wondering. I love autumn. It is my favorite season. I can't imagine living somewhere where it was not in the 80's in the summer, has foliage in the fall, and two feet of mud in the spring and five feet of snow in the winter. I have lived other places besides upstate NY when I was in the Army, but I would never want to permently live anywhere else.

If you follow this blog, you know I camplain about traffic alot. I have to take a whole new way to work. I found a picture of what the new traffic circle is going to look like.