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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


The GBA is separated by two rivers that converge in downtown Binghamton, the Chenango and the Susquehanna. The Chenango is not that large and does not really separate that much of the city. The Susquehanna does. There are three bridges that cross the river. The bridge I take to get to work was shut down for traffic coming from my direction this morning. You would think that they might have a sign that says “hey, Floral Ave to 201 south is closed for such and such days please plan your day accordingly”. There is no sign. I literally ended up driving 10 miles out of my way to get to work. I could have gone on the main detour but I would have been at least an hour late for work. I am glad the road work is getting done because it will save time in the long run. I am just asking for a sign. The state is spending $20 million to get rid of the traffic circle that connects this bridge to the GBA, they can’t afford a sign.